Our current openings - Hamburg

Our current openings - Copenhagen

We welcome open applications too! Send us your CV and GitHub.

Poised for Growth

In a market like this, the entire world is the potential. Excitement and passion comes naturally from within when you work on something that has all the right criteria to truly make a global impact.

The truth is that we are not in full control of everything, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. In a young, agile company like this, growth does not come in small steps – it grows exponentially and throws more tasks at you than what a standard job post can cover.

So if you need a fixed structure, a limited set of responsibilities and working hours that are carved in stone, then we’re probably not a good fit. If not, we are looking for someone like you to join our office in Hamburg or Copenhagen!

Join us on the journey and start shaping the future of logistics.