Privacy Policy

Hereinafter, ItsMyCargo and will be referred to as “IMC” and “page”.

This notice will evolve around the handling process of personal data and other information, which has been handed over to the page in relation to visiting the page and/or other traffic. This notice constitute to the privacy policy of IMC and is an addition to the Terms & Conditions. By accessing the page you automatically accept and consent the terms outlined in this notice.

Upon arrival on the page some information may get stored on our servers, such as: IP, on site behaviour, tracking and other similar information. This information will be used exclusively for internal use, data collection and other activities IMC deem relevant. With this we are complying with the EU data protection law.

Collected data and information cannot by any means explicitly identify you as an individual but rather be used as collective data for traffic analysis and other activities to monitor on site behaviour. In the case of providing IMC with personal information such as: Company name, name, address and other related information IMC is allowed to use this information for statistical purposes and other related activity.

Unique information submitted in order to register a profile or booking will be exclusively disclosed to IMC and logistics operators involved in the transportation chain.

IMC cannot give any guarantees with regards to the security of gathered information, but have taken the necessary safety precautions to avoid incidents. IMC want visitors and customers to feel safe on the page and this is why IMC have chosen to value security of data highly.